Tucked Away


That’s what I have associated with your name

I don’t want to remember the good memories

Because if I do

I will drown myself in emotions that are deeper than the sea

Memories of us

I’ll just daydream of you and me

So I decided to bury them

Deep down

Tucked away in the dark corners of my mind

Every now and then they try to escape

But I catch them before I make a mistake

Accidentally call or write

While wondering where you are tonight

And who you may be with

I no longer want to feel

Those wounds have already been healed

And I do not want to have to pick up the pieces again

So I refuse to let you crawl to the surface

And take over my thoughts

Once you get there

It’s hard to shake you off

And then I will be in the darkness with you

Wishing that somehow this was real

But I simply cannot allow myself to linger

I must stay here

Where you no longer exist

And I am living in peace


– J. S. Atkins








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