Our Feet May Be Tired, But Our Souls Are Rested

My feet may be tired*
From the many miles I've walked
But my soul is rested 
Because of what I've accomplished
My voice may be weak now
From all the shouting I've done
But my soul is rested 
Because I've been heard
And if my feet are tired 
Then I know yours should be
You've been right here with me 
Walking in these streets
Standing toe to toe with giants 
Confronting evil with good
Staring in the face of violence
With peace
And we are still misunderstood
We are on the move now 
They can't stand in our way
Our feet may be tired 
But there is no quick way 
To reach justice
The many miles we've walked proves it
This is only the beginning 
And we must keep going

– J. S. Atkins

*”Our feet may be tired, but our souls are rested.”- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Address at the Conclusion of the Selma to Montgomery March)

In honor of Dr. M.L. King, Jr. Day I decided to write this poem based on some of his words from one of the most iconic marches in American History.  The quote is mentioned above. After 3 attempts and 54 miles, Dr. King and about 2, 000 marchers completed the task of reaching Montgomery in an effort to gain EQUAL voting rights for African Americans.  We must carry this spirit with us today.  In order to gain what is rightfully ours as human beings we must be willing to endure pain.  His dream was to see everyone treated equally no matter your race, sexuality, religion, etc. and it is our duty to continue striving for that dream while having our own.



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