Turning Dreams Into Reality

My parents worked hard for everything that they have and everything that they have given me.  I appreciate them for showing me what it is like to come from nothing, but a loving family.  I hope to one day be able to have someone say that about me.

I have dreams of being a writer.  I want to touch the world with my words.  I believe my first step in doing that was creating this blog, but now I am wondering what should my next steps be. Should I start writing my first book?  Should I go back to school for my MFA in creative Writing? Should I just keep posting on this blog?  All of them are attainable if I just buckle down and really focus on them, but I just can’t seem to find the drive.  I know most people say that just having that dream or passion should be enough, but sometimes it isn’t.  I personally am taking the time now to dig deeper into what it means to me to be a writer and share my emotions with a bigger audience.

I am venturing into a new project soon and I hope that you all are there to venture with me.  I haven’t figured everything out yet, but that is usually how I operate.  I will of course continue to post my poetry on here, but I want more from my writing as I am sure it wants more from me.


– J.S.Atkins


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