Why I Write


I’ve had plenty of time to reflect on why I decided to start writing.  The making of this blog was not the beginning of me writing by any means, but it did bring me back from a very long and very helpful hiatus. During the near 2.5 years that I did not write (minus the occasional poem in a journal) I had time to figure out if I really wanted to pursue a career in writing or even share my poems and short stories with the public.  Without writing, I realized I had so much to say and I wasn’t utilizing the one talent that I actually enjoyed.  I stopped writing because it had become a chore to me, but now I think I have found the correct way to approach it for my benefit.

I am extremely critical of anything that I write.  I read over my poems that I write in my journals and change the words around until the pages are almost unrecognizable.  It’s just the way that I am. Clearly when I write down my thoughts, emotions, etc. it’s pure madness, so just imagine what happens when I don’t.  I realized during the time that I didn’t write all of the reasons why I did.  I need it and without it my life has no significant meaning.  Who am I without the purest form of expression?  Writing is something I had taken for granted and now I am happy that I decided to start my blog.  

I hope that you all are still enjoying Caged Raven as much as I enjoy writing poems and finding poems for you all to read.  I still would post even if no one was reading, but I am glad that I have been able to reach a few people during this process.  
– J.S.Atkins


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