Not a House, But a Home

A home is more than walls and beams,
It is a place created by dreams.

Let your spirit fill every room,
So that sadness can not resume.

May laughter take residence in the walls,
So you can still hear it while walking the halls.

When the outside world seems to fail
Know your home is a place where love prevails.

That's because of you and your beautiful soul
And that's what makes each room glow.

So much so,
The lights seem more bright,
There's a warmth that exist,
And everything just feels right.

You are what makes this home so golden
And you need nothing more;
Each and every visitor feels it,
When they walk through the door.

- J. S. Atkins

I wrote this poem for my friend and placed it in a shadowbox as a housewarming gift.  I really enjoyed creating a poem that was custom to the occasion, as well as the person.  I am hoping that more opportunities to create custom poetry will arise for other occasions because this was beyond amazing and the final product was beautiful.


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