For My Father


If I could trade places with you
I would.
To see you go through such pain,
Hurts me more than you'll ever know.
I'd give you a lung,
So you can breathe better.
I'd give you my spine,
So you no longer have those tumors.
I'd take all of your scarred tissue,
And place it in my body,
If that meant you would be free.
Free from pain, 
Free from doctor's visits
And emergency room waiting.
Free from the chemo and the 
I'd take it all on,
If that means you can live again.
I mean actually LIVE,
Go on vacation and enjoy your retirement.
You wouldn't have to be confined to your bed
Because it hurts too much to move.
You wouldn't have to listen to doctors tell you
They don't know what's wrong over and over again.
I don't mind the uncertainty and the doubt, 
But when it comes to you
It's frustrating.
I can't help you 
And that is the worst pain I'll ever know.

– J.S.Atkins


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