Letter to Myself #1 (and maybe to you too)

I gave up on my dreams
and allowed the world to 
tell me where I belong.
I'm going to find my 
imagination again and
I'm going to create my
own path.

When I was little my imagination was so big; nothing seemed as if it were impossible.  What happened to me?

I let the troubles in my life stop me from dreaming and I’ve given up.  College may not have been the best experience, but I gained something from it.  I learned how to let people love me and how to make a family out of friends. I gave up on trying to please everyone, or so I thought, but I didn’t learn how to please myself. I never asked myself what would make me happy because I thought people would find it stupid.  That’s all I want though; I just want to be happy and I want the people that I care about to be happy.  Doesn’t everyone?

I’m too early in my story for the ending to be here now and so are you.  This is not what I will do for the rest of my life. I will inspire and I will achieve goals that I have only dreamed of.  They all seem so close, yet still so far. It’s okay though because I have time and I will not give up on trying to create me instead of letting someone else tell me who I should be.


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